Reminder to myself (Rules for progression):

(I.) Emphasize change, flexibilty, movement as a sculptural possibility

(II.) Eliminate and doubt sculpture as a finished object (objects without questions to myself)

(III.) Do things without purpose, start things without a foreseen goal and expectation

(IV.) Be open tot he things that happen in the process of doing

(V.) Try to see drawing as a fluid process with an open end

(VI.) Space = Field = Raum

(VII.) Think of space without it`s vertical boundaries

(VIII.) Always think about drawing as a three dimensional object without two sides and no above or below

(IX.) Emphasize and focus on possibility rather than execution

(X.) Always keep your work in a state of fluidity and potential movement

(XI.) Embrace the word potential

(XII.) Recognize failure

(XIII.) Embrace open processes, fragment and unfinished thoughts/objects/drawings

(XIV.) Prioritize repetition and don`t lose patience