what is (a) body

..a world in which spatial properties are always changing and are found in a constantly fluid state. All characters/bodies - called bodies, communicate mentally and act potentially, they use a language with their own vocabulary for actions and actions. Each Body has certain appearances and character traits functioning according to established rules. All Bodies are transformable and can constantly adapt to changing external conditions (space),- highest degree of flexibility and mobility. Spaces are thought horizontally. All Bodies archive, group and protect. These objects/drawings/groups create the appearance of the body/body - protecting/storing/archiving is the most important "purpose" of the bodies, out of this purpose also always arises the inner form.

creating my own
objects in space
own language and vocabulary
establish forms/rules

my works merge fluidly, they link and mix, new works change or / and use older objects with, they are temporarily combined and assembled into series, groups and formations A completed process is not achieved, the work is always in flux and picks up older things again. New links are made, the new connects with what is already there and thus expands the whole.

…world on it`s own,
oder system, storage system, horizontal storage system
each body describes it`s own world and contents a system for ordering and storaging objects that are important parts of the conception and thought process. Each body is meant to be a space in it`s own with it`s own system of order.